About Our Mission

MY History

In 2020, I began this journey of mine that was put on the back burner for almost 30 years. I’ve been an avid roller skater since the age of 4. I was introduced to roller skating not in a rink, but on my mom’s kitchen floor when I was a toddler. My cousin and I would roller skate in the kitchen for hours on end until my mom finally got sick of us and took me to an actual rink. And that’s where it all began... my love for the sport. I taught my daughter how to skate when she was 4 years old, and we still skate together to this day; this is an activity that will stay with you for a lifetime, provided that you have the avenues to exercise this talent ( check us out on Instagram and YouTube - shameless plug).

Shauwney's Skate Palace, LLC is now a licensed online skate shop/store in Frederick, Maryland (STOREFRONT COMING SOON!), that consists of a mother and daughter, who are a team, whose goal is to engage our community, both young, and old, by making a lifelong pastime that has been around since the 1800's more accessible. Roller skating has proven to be one of the most invigorating sports of all time. Not only is roller skating fun, it's great exercise!  Roller skating is, and always has been relevant, worthy enough to be considered an Olympic sport, is not a dangerous sport, is easy to learn, is in high demand, is enjoyed by children AND adults alike, and is multi-cultural.

Skating is “FUN”damental, and promotes a Healthy Lifestyle.

Roller skating is what’s missing in several communities across the nation. It has excellent health benefits, and is something that potentially the whole family can enjoy together. Children, young adults, and adults alike will often need encouragement to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. We’ve become accustomed to being stagnant with the introduction of social media, home consoles for video games, and bigger, brighter, televisions with a plethora of ‘reality’ t.v. options. Roller skating provides a great way to exercise and, you get to do what most like to do more than anything in the world, but haven’t done in a long time: be with friends, and listen to great music! We need this in the community of Frederick!

Roller Skating = Relevancy.

Roller skating is an active sport for everyone. Some people believe that roller skating has become irrelevant since it began to lose momentum in the 70’s with the disco era. This is simply not true. There are avid roller skaters across the country and the world who still love roller skating, they just do not have a venue. As Reggie Brown from the United Skates documentary stated, “Roller skating has continued to survive partly because of the African- American community and our ability to open up the culture to others who want to learn how. “

We need more. Lots more.

The closest roller skating rink is 30 miles to the north; over 50 miles south of Frederick. Our area is in need of more varieties of entertainment that not only is fun, but is closer to home.

Youth groups of all kinds are always planning activities and we intend to provide a choice that will fill the need for a safe, well supervised facility that is fun. 

There’s more to rinks than skating.

Our rink will have both quad and inline skating, birthday party planning, snack bar with specialty items, group rates, STEM, skating lessons for beginners, special skate theme nights, all-night skates, summer skating camps, a separate skating area for beginners, among many other fun activities for children.

For the older generation, we plan to have many other exciting amenities!

At the end of the day, this is not about me. This is about the community. OUR community. Our children, and their children. Their children, and their children. Roller skating is definitely fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, coordination, balance, the list goes on. It’s needed here. It’s what’s been missing, and we can fill this void - together.

All proceeds from sales proceeds are being used to help achieve our goal - open a roller skating rink in Frederick, MD.