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FOMAC Dance Plugs

FOMAC Dance Plugs

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AVAILABLE in  5/16" (fits the bullseye non-adjustable style stop hole)  and 5/8" size - Larger, it fits the larger, adjustable style toe stop holes.

  • SOLD BY THE PAIR - Enough for one pair of skates.

  • VARIETY OF COLORS - Available in many different colors to match your laces, wheels, or personal style. Or buy several pair and switch them up.

  • REPLACE BULKY STOPS WITH THESE SMALLER DANCE PLUGS - Smaller and lighter than a traditional toe stop. Not recommended if you really use your toe stops for stopping or starting. But good if you never use the stops.

  • INEXPENSIVE - A lot cheaper than traditional stops, but with genuine Sure-Grip quality built into every pair. Will work with almost any brand of skate.

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