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One of a Kind WIFA Blackout Champion Light

One of a Kind WIFA Blackout Champion Light

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Huge shoutout to Vernette on TikTok for inspiring this setup!


Black Sure-Grip Avenger


  • Black Roller Bones Elite Indoor Wheels 62mm 103a hardness

WIFA are men sized boots, EURO. Women sizes are one sizer higher (Example: a men's 40 EUR is 8 1/4 WIFA, for women, this would be a size 9 1/4 in US)

Please see the WIFA sizing chart here for assistance

Soft padded, PU-coated full grain upper leather (thickness 2.4-2.6 mm), leather stiffening, inlet notch, breathable microfibre lining, shaped leather sole. 

Recommended for: advanced hobby skaters, figure skating trainings


Color: Black 

Heat Moldable

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