Keeping Our Selection Fresh: A Few Roll-Line and Edea Products Saying Goodbye

Keeping Our Selection Fresh: A Few Roll-Line and Edea Products Saying Goodbye

Here at Shauwney's Skate Palace, we're all about providing skaters with the best possible selection of gear. This means constantly evaluating the products we offer and making adjustments to ensure we're carrying the latest and greatest equipment.

As part of this ongoing process, we recently were informed to unlist a few items from Roll-Line and Edea. This includes the popular Roll-Line Ring plate, which some of you may have noticed is no longer listed on our website.

There are a couple of reasons why products get discontinued. Sometimes, manufacturers decide to focus on developing new and innovative products, and older models get phased out. In other cases, certain items may simply not be selling as well as others.

While we understand this might be a disappointment to some of you who've sworn by these particular Roll-Line and Edea products, we believe it allows us to make space for even better options in the future.

What This Means for You

Rest assured, we're not leaving you high and dry! We still carry a wide variety of Roll-Line and Edea products, including popular choices for both recreational and competitive skaters. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find the perfect replacements for any discontinued items you were interested in.

If you have any questions about specific Roll-Line or Edea products, or would like recommendations based on your skating needs, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to help you stay rolling strong.

Looking Ahead

We're excited about the new products that are constantly emerging in the world of skating, and we can't wait to bring them to you. Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for updates on the latest and greatest gear!
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