Shauwney - "She" E.O, Owner and Founder

Shauwney the 'She'E.O, founder and head honcho at Shauwney's Skate Palace, and roller-skating extraordinaire for 40+ years.

In 2020, I began this journey of mine that was put on the back burner for almost 30 years. I’ve been an avid roller skater since the age of 4. I was introduced to roller skating not in a rink, but on my mom’s kitchen floor when I was a toddler. My cousin and I would roller skate in the kitchen for hours on end until my mom finally got sick of us and took me to an actual rink. And that’s where it all began... my love for the sport. I taught my daughter how to skate when she was 4 years old, and we still skate together to this day; this is an activity that will stay with you for a lifetime, provided that you have the avenues to exercise this talent.

Reiscia (Ree-Shh-Uh) - Marketing & Communications Manager and Daughter

Reesh is the marketing & communications queen and daughter of Shauwney and Shaun. She sports a mixed-style of roller skating for over 20 years.

Ever since mom taught me how to skate at 4 years old, nothing else in my life has stuck with me the way roller skating has. It has truly been life changing and has helped get me through some of the worst times in my life. I love to meet new skaters from all walks of life and fully engulf myself in the skate community.

Shaun - Creative Constructor a.k.a "MOBD"

Shaun, the roller skate mounting ace, and spouse to Shauwney, rocks at roller skating for over 5 years. (Pictured in the center)

I mastered the art of mounting roller skates by the power of determination and a true passion for building incredible skate setups. I am a self-taught skate mounting expert with over 30+ years of experience as a technician. I've spent a majority of my life around tools, so learning to mount roller skates came very naturally. What does "M.O.B.D" stand for? Next time you see me, ask me to tell you the story of how I got that nickname!

About the Shop

Shauwney's Skate Palace, LLC is now a licensed online skate shop/store in Frederick, Maryland. We have also formed a nonprofit organization Roller Skating Is Life - SSP Corporation (501c3).

Check out Roller Skating is Life here!

Both entities consists of a mother and daughter, who are a team, whose goal is to engage our community, both young, and old, by making a lifelong pastime that has
been around since the 1800's more accessible. Roller skating has proven to be one of the most invigorating sports of all time. Not only is roller skating fun, it's great exercise! Roller skating is, and always has been relevant, worthy enough to be considered an Olympic sport, is not a dangerous sport, is easy to learn, is in high demand, is enjoyed by children AND adults alike, and is multi-cultural.

  • Edea & Skates U.S.

    Shauwney's Skate Palace is an authorized Edea and Roll Line proprietor. We have a wide selection of Edea and Roll Line products, including skates, wheels, bearings, and other accessories.

  • WIFA

    Shauwney's Skate Palace is a WIFA proprietor. We've made it possible for you to obtain your WIFA skates seamlessly. WIFA roller skates are manufactured in Austria.

  • Chamber of Commerce

    Shauwney's Skate Palace is a current member if the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

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