Don't Miss Out: Why We Offer Pre-Orders

Don't Miss Out: Why We Offer Pre-Orders

Have you spotted the perfect pair of skates on our website and are itching to get rolling? We understand the excitement! But before you hit the close tab, consider the benefits of pre-ordering, especially for some of our most popular styles.

Why Pre-Ordering Helps Us Thrive (and Get You Rolling Faster!)

As a small business, pre-ordering is a win-win for everyone. Here's how it helps us keep the good vibes rolling:

  • Reduced Financial Risk: Stocking inventory, especially for limited-edition or international brands, can be a gamble for a small business. Pre-orders give us a clearer picture of actual customer demand. This allows us to minimize the risk of unsold items and wasted capital.
  • Smoother Cash Flow: Pre-orders provide us with a financial boost upfront. This helps us cover the costs of ordering new skates from international brands, ensuring we can continue offering a diverse selection and keep those high-quality wheels rolling into our store.
  • Faster Product Availability: By understanding demand through pre-orders, we can sometimes work with our partners to prioritize production of popular styles. This means you might even receive your pre-ordered skates sooner than the estimated 1-3 week wait time!
  • Stronger Relationships with Brands: By demonstrating high pre-order numbers, we can show our partner brands like WIFA that there's strong demand for their products in our market. This fosters a stronger business relationship, potentially leading to better deals and a wider selection of skates for you in the future.

Early Bird Gets the Skates (and the Buzz)

Pre-ordering isn't just about securing your skates; it's about joining the hype! By pre-ordering, you'll be notified the moment your skates are ready to ship, often weeks before they hit the general stock. This exclusive pre-order window lets you build anticipation and share your excitement with fellow skate enthusiasts.

Guaranteed to Grab Your Grails

Here's the deal: some of our skates, particularly those from incredible brands like WIFA based in Austria, are crafted in limited quantities. Pre-ordering ensures you secure your desired size and style. No more refreshing the page and crossing your fingers – with a pre-order, you'll be among the first to shred on those fresh wheels.

Plan Ahead for International Arrivals

For some of our brands, like WIFA, their dedication to quality means production and shipping can take a bit longer. Pre-ordering takes the guesswork out of the wait. You'll know exactly when to expect your skates to arrive, typically within 1-3 weeks, so you can plan your rolling adventures accordingly.

So, there you have it. Pre-ordering your dream skates isn't just about getting them first; it's about guaranteeing your size, joining the excitement, and planning for international shipping. It's also a fantastic way to support our small business and help us keep that awesome selection of skates flowing. Now that you know the benefits, what are you waiting for? Roll on over to our website and pre-order your next pair of awesome skates today!

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