What's The Big Deal About 7mm Axles?

What's The Big Deal About 7mm Axles?

The world of roller skate components can get nitty-gritty, and lately, there's been a buzz around the new kid on the block: the 7mm axle. But are they just a fad, or do they offer a real advantage? Let's grind down the details and see if 7mm axles are the future!

The Reign of 8mm Axles:

For decades, 8mm axles have been the industry standard. They're reliable, strong, and compatible with most skates. They handle the stress of jumps, grinds, and aggressive skating styles.

The Rise of the 7mm Contender:

So why the shift? Lighter weight is a major factor. 7mm axles shave off precious grams, leading to a lighter overall skate setup. This translates to quicker acceleration, improved agility, and less fatigue – especially for skaters who prioritize speed and technical maneuvers.

Once Uncommon, Now a Player:

While 7mm axles were once considered niche, advancements in manufacturing have made them stronger and more dependable. They're now a viable option for a wider range of skaters, not just those focused on minimizing weight.

The 7mm vs. 8mm Smackdown:

Here's a quick rundown of the key differences:

    • Diameter: 7mm vs. 8mm – a seemingly small difference, but it matters for weight and potentially frame compatibility.
    • Weight: The clear advantage of 7mm axles is their lighter weight.
    • Strength: Modern 7mm axles are holding their own, but 8mm axles might still be preferable for very aggressive skating styles.
    • Availability: 8mm axles are widely available, while 7mm options might require more searching from specific brands.

The Verdict? It Depends!

Ultimately, the choice between 7mm and 8mm axles comes down to your skating style and priorities. If you crave a lightweight setup for speed and agility, 7mm axles are worth exploring. If raw strength and maximum support are your focus, 8mm might be the way to go.

The Future of Axles?

As technology evolves, we might see 7mm axles become even more mainstream. However, 8mm axles aren't going anywhere. They'll likely remain the go-to choice for heavy-duty skating disciplines.

No matter your axle preference, make sure you choose high-quality components from reputable brands. Happy skating!

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