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Clas Fox 78A Outdoor Wheels

Clas Fox 78A Outdoor Wheels

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PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR-These outdoor wheels, with durable 78A PU material, reduce most of vibration whether on rough surface like street, strand and rugged pavement with rocks and cracks or slick surface such as rink and waxed to help you skate smoothly and quick.

GRIPPY AND GUMMY-Durable and soft urethane will provide you with long-lasting and fantastic grip and more gummy skating experience, improving your comfort of skating.

65MM GREAT FOR BEGINNER-These wheels, with size 65mm bigger than normal wheels giving enough sturdy base, can help beginner maneuver securely and easily. Durable and soft PU provides grip and gummy effect while skating. Great for beginners skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces.

FIT MOST OF SKATES-These skate wheels come with 78A hardness and fit most of roller skate.

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