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Shauwney's Skate Palace

Defiant Upgrade Premium Bearings

Defiant Upgrade Premium Bearings

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Set of (16) 8MM premium bearings for roller skates, quad skates and derby skates.

-SHIELDLESS for easy maintenance.
-CERAMIC LUBRICANT for increased speed.
-DEEP GROOVE RACES to reduce impact damage.
-CHROME STEEL BALLS for durability.
-NYLON CAGE for added resilience.

Add a pop of color to personalize your setup.

Each bearing is inspected and lubricated by me for unsurpassed quality control.

Enough bearings for eight wheels.

Due to the electroplating process the iridescent colors will vary from bearing to bearing.

Due to variations of color settings and qualities of phone/tablet/computer screens, it is unavoidable that colors will appear differently for everyone. The colors in photos and named descriptors (e.g. "blue", "gold", "green", etc.) are subjective, approximate and may vary.

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