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Edea Ritmo w/ Giotto Frame

Edea Ritmo w/ Giotto Frame

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EDEA and Roll-Line are specialty items, which means most sizes will need to be pre-ordered at the time that the order is placed. Pre-orders ship in 2-3 business days.

Estimated ship times vary dependent upon when item is ordered, and in-stock availability.

Combos are designed to be customized by the customer.  We wouldn’t choose your ice cream flavor and toppings, so why would we choose your wheels and bearings?

Our Edea/Roll Line Combos are priced to give you a good deal without sacrificing choice.

For most skaters a standard mount is preferred, placing the front axle under the ball of the foot. A short mount, placing the front axle behind the ball of the foot, is recommended for loops. Freestyle skates are generally long mount with the front axle in front of the ball of the foot.

Boots:  Edea Ritmo (Ivory or Black)
Skate Frame: Roll-Line Giotto
Mount: Custom Skates U.S. Mounting

  • This is a complete skate package – NO customer substitutions.
  • Skates U.S. may substitute products of equal or higher value at no additional charge.
  • Packages are custom-mounted and assembled after the order is placed.  Please allow for this time.
  • Roll-Line Plate sizes are dependent on the boot size. Unless otherwise requested in advance, Skates U.S. will mount the “standard” size plate.
  • If your boot size allows an option of frame size, please indicate your choice in the order notes on the checkout page. Longer plates are better for FreeStyle, shorter plates are better for Figure and Dance.
  • Please determine your boot size PRIOR to ordering a skate package.
  • Please note that packages, once mounted, are considered a final purchase and are not returnable nor refundable.
  • These special packages are NOT a part of the Skates U.S. “Boot Sizing Program”

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