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MATRIX (Steel) Skate Frame

MATRIX (Steel) Skate Frame

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EDEA and Roll-Line are specialty items, which means most sizes are ordered from the manufacturer at the time that the order is placed.

Estimated ship times vary dependent upon when item is ordered, and in-stock availability. Please allow 2-3 business days for your items to ship.

-The Matrix frame represents a turning point in skating technology: his lightness and low configuration guarantee optimum maneuverability and stability.
-The frame is made of special aluminum alloy with titanium components.
-Sizes: 140 – 180, every 10mm, right and left, 07 series.

-Trucks with steel axles.
-Click action adjustment system.
-Elastomer suspensions.
-Toe stops: Amber super professional.
-Professional wrenches kit included.
7mm Wheels spacers and mounting hardware are not included.

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