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Shauwney's Skate Palace

ICE Roller Wheels Various Hardness up to 97a

ICE Roller Wheels Various Hardness up to 97a

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The ICE Wheels by Roll-Line have been designed exclusively for the discipline of Dance- Style, Free, or Couples. The ICE Wheels can also be used for group disciplines- Quartet, Precision or Show Group. The grooved profile of the ICE Wheels is the distinctive design that provides very smooth and agile wheels that are silent and give excellent grip when necessary. The rounded profile means the ICE Wheels have a minimal adjustment time for the skater.

ICE 61mm Dance Wheels

Hardness:  Blue 88A, Gold 90A, Green 92A, White 95A,  Silver 97A
Diameter:  61mm
Compound:  Polyurethane tread
Hub Info:   Thermoplastic Elastomer – Chromed
Printing:  The ICE Wheels have the name and wheel information printed on the back surface of the wheels, providing a clean look.


Shauwney's Skate Palace sells wheels in sets of 8 and allows skaters to mix and match in pairs of 2. If you need to mix , please leave the color coordination in the note section at checkout.  If no note is left, we will send 8 wheels of the same color that you choose here.

Make your hardness selections from the options below. ICE wheels ship in 2-3 business days.

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