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Mavric Wingman

Mavric Wingman

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Introducing the Mavric Wingman: an all-new boot for competitive skaters. Heat-moldable carbon fiber conforms to your foot for ultimate customization. Equipped with Barefoot Fit, heel-lock, and adjustable ankle straps for superior control, these skates also boast Sure-Grip Monza wheels and Bones REDS bearings. Available in sizes 4-13 (halves 8.5-11.5).


The Mavric is an all-new boot that has been created for the competitive skater. The Wingman skate pairs up with the Laser Elite plate for an over-all great-looking and great-performing pair of skates.

  • Boots: Carbon fiber boot is heat-moldable to conform to the skater’s foot. Mavric features Barefoot Fit, heel-lock, ergonomic footbeds, open toe box, adjustable ankle straps, and micro-fiber uppers.
  • Chassis: Laser Elite Nylon 66 plates with no toe stops, and 45 degree single-action wheels. The Laser plate requires 7mm bearings.
  • Wheels: Sure-Grip Monza 62mm speed wheels.
  • Bearings: Bones REDS 7mm.
  • Sizes: 4-13 (halves 8.5-11.5).
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