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Shauwney's Skate Palace

Professional Freestyle Roller Wheels (Indoor) 57mm

Professional Freestyle Roller Wheels (Indoor) 57mm

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The Roll-Line Professional Wheels are a low-profile, very durable wheel for the FreeStyle skater who wants a very tight grip while also having a great roll from their wheels. The traditional series of the Professional Wheels provide the desired sureness of grip for every type of skating surface.

PROFESSIONAL 57mm FreeStyle Wheels

Hardness: Fox/Green 92A, Panther/White 95A, Mustang/Gray 97A, Leopard/Yellow 99A
Diameter:  57mm
Compound:  Polyurethane tread with shockproof  hub


Shauwney's Skate Palace sells wheels in sets of 8 and allows skaters to mix and match in pairs of 2. If you need to mix, please select the number of wheels you need for each hardness.

Make your hardness selections from the options below. Freestyle wheels ship in 2-3 business days.

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