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Qube Premium Roller Skate Bearings

Qube Premium Roller Skate Bearings

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All bearings come in a pack of 16.

Qube Teal - Great ABEC-5 bearing for indoor/outdoor. 7mm and 8mm


Qube Juice - ABEC-9 Features QUBE 3D technology, single Labyrinth seal, and SSL oil. 7mm and 8mm

Qube Black (8-Ball) - ABEC-9 Patterned after the Fafnir bearing. The extra bearing helps distribute the load in turns. 7mm and 8mm

Qube Gold (Swiss) - Features QUBE 3D Technology in a swiss bearing. 7mm and 8 mm

Qube Ceramic - This bearing uses ceramic balls which allow it to last longer and perform better under harsh conditions. 8mm only

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