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Shauwney's Skate Palace

Roller Skate Mount & Dismounting Service - LOCAL ONLY

Roller Skate Mount & Dismounting Service - LOCAL ONLY

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not offer mounting/dismounting services for any products that were not purchased from us due to liability. (Ex: We will not dismount/mount any frames from a pair of skates that were not purchased from us directly. You may select this service if you have purchased a new frame from us that you would like to be mounted to your existing skates.

We do not accept mail-in skates at this time due to liability.

Select this service if you would like to have your plate/frame dismounted, and re-mounted to your new set of skates that do not have a plate or frame already attached.


Order your cushions on the accessories page, and have them replaced with your mounting service!

If swapping plates, an upcharge of $100.00 will be added (two plates removed, two plates attached on TWO sets of skates).

What's included:

Mounting Hardware
Labor Hours
Quality Customer Service

What's NOT Included:

You supply the frame and boot. Mounting completion is dependent upon sales and traffic. Please be prepared to leave your skates for at least 4 hours - 24 hours. We usually get them done much quicker than the timeline listed.

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