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Roller Skate Mount & Dismounting Service - LOCAL ONLY

Roller Skate Mount & Dismounting Service - LOCAL ONLY

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not offer mounting/dismounting services for any products that were not purchased from us due to liability. (Ex: We will not dismount/mount any frames from a pair of skates that were not purchased from us directly. You may select this service if you have purchased a new frame from us that you would like to be mounted to your existing skates.

We DO NOT accept mail-in boots/frames at this time due to liability reasons. We do not mount products that have not been purchased from us due to liability reasons.

Select this service if you would like to have your plate/frame dismounted, and re-mounted to your new set of skates that do not have a plate or frame already attached.


Order your cushions on the accessories page, and have them replaced with your mounting service!

If swapping plates, an upcharge of $100.00 will be added (two plates removed, two plates attached on TWO sets of skates).

What's included:

Mounting Hardware
Labor Hours
Quality Customer Service

What's NOT Included:

Mounting completion is dependent upon sales and traffic. Please be prepared to leave your skates for at least 4 hours - 24 hours. We usually get them done much quicker than the timeline listed.

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