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Uniq ERA

Uniq ERA

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The Uniq ERA

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ERA – Infused tradition and UniQ technologies starting with our exclusive “Dream-Last” Barefoot technology and UniQ Flex-Fit Tech combined with traditional machine lasting. UniQ’s New ERA is born.

  • Robust Responsive Outsole: One piece outsole made of composite material giving ERA a rigid foundation with robust response and energy return. One piece outsole significantly reduces the weight of the boot.
  • The composite outsole is designed and manufactured specifically for UniQ Barefoot-Last, giving it an ergonomic fit. By using composite materials, there is no need for a midsole, thus reducing the weight significantly.
  • UniQ footbeds also designed and manufactured specifically for UniQ Barefoot-Last that hug and support the natural contours of the foot. By contrast, old school quad boots are typically made with a midsole that increases the weight, creates a very stiff instep resulting in pain, numbness, cramping and reduces overall performance.
  • Premium microfiber uppers give the boot a soft feel and tough skin that doesn’t stretch -forms to your foot and stays supple.
  • Premium super-soft microfiber lining that stays soft under most conditions, comfortably holds your foot in place.
  • EGO Wheels by Piper: Size 62X44, Hardness 95A, utility wheel made of high-performance, high rebound urethane. Great for all indoor surfaces (wood, cement, tile, etc.). Use: jam, shuffle, derby, speed, fitness and recreation.
  • UniQ Bearings: ABEC 7 – Precision bearings, 8mm, light oil, low maintenance.
  • UniQ Plate: All new high-performance plate system incorporates our proven geometry that optimizes speed, maneuverability and stability with simplicity. Stripped down truck system, integrated toe-stop insert, less parts, lightweight, stronger, more dependable. Whether you are speed, park, jam, rhythm, dance, derby or a hard core all-skate junky, you need a plate that delivers the perfect balance of strength, stiffness, weight and agility.
  • Sold as complete package.

Elevate your skating game with Uniq Era quad speed skates. Designed for serious scufflers, jammers, and rink regulars, these skates boast microfiber uppers and matching lining for a comfortable and stylish fit. The specially designed footbed keeps your foot secure while the high performance plate system optimizes speed and stability. Your competition won't know what hit them!

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