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VNLA Godfather - w/VNLA Gorilla plate

VNLA Godfather - w/VNLA Gorilla plate

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The VNLA Godfather is the perfect addition to your skating ensemble! With a stitched leather sole and the popular VNLA Gorilla plate, you can take on the town with style. Plus, choose between the All American Plus Wheels in colors of gold, white, or black, or switch it up with the Dream. And don't forget about the China Bones REDS and jam plug features - you'll be rolling like a boss in no time!


  • Godfather boot with Stitched Leather Sole
  • VNLA Gorilla 
  • All American Plus Wheels Original Formula (Choose Gold, White, or Black) or Dream
  • China Bones REDS
  • Jam plug

All Vanilla are men's sizes. Ladies equivalent sizes are also listed.

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