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Shauwney's Skate Palace

VNLA The Machine

VNLA The Machine

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If you know the Godfather, then you know what we’re talking about. This skate will get you as low as you need to go. Boots: VNLA Godfather boots are full-grain leather with split-leather lining and stitched leather soles. Chassis: Sure-Grip LowBoy plates with double-action trucks. These can be set to different heights. Please request low, medium, or normal heights, and keep in mind that some wheels may not be able to be at the lower settings. Wheels: FoMac MiniMac 55mm clay wheels in black or brown. Bearings: Lynx ABEC-7 bearings. Sizes: Men’s black 5-13.

All Vanilla are men's sizes. Ladies equivalent sizes are also listed.

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